Feeding the North.

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About North Star Agriculture

We are an agriculture company based in Whitehorse, YT, Canada. We believe that access to fresh food is a fundamental right and shouldn't change based on where you live. Starting in 2016, we have been travelling down our ten year path of building agricultural infrastructure and agriculture tourism in the North, with the sole intention to to provide Northerners with locally-raised food, year-round. 



To ensure that Northern families have access to beautiful, local, fresh, sustainably-farmed food every day of the year, including the cold, winter months, without any need for herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. 

Our mantra, Feeding the North, is a long-term vision that includes many different agriculture projects. 


Aquaponics Project

Our first project is to build a small-scale aquaponics facility, located just North of Whitehorse. This facility will be used to showcase what vertical aquaponics is, and also to educate the benefits and positive impact a facility like this can have in the North. This facility will be heated and cooled by geo-thermal waters, which will also be showcased for visitors. Our technology partner, NutraPonics Canada, uses their proprietary growing system that consists of a recirculating facility that is physically and thermally isolated from the external environment.  Never heard of vertical indoor aquaponics? Here are just a few advantages:




The 'NutraPonics Growing System' that we are building will be up to 50x more productive than greenhouse operations, and 20x more productive than traditional hydroponics systems, per square meter. 


The inherent design of the system ensures that no chemicals, artificial fertilizers, or pesticides can be introduced anywhere within the system. Meaning 100% clean, pure produce and fish. 

03/ water conservation

Our system will use 95% less water than traditional farm agriculture.


Completely indoor, our facility uses custom designed LED lighting, allowing to 'tune' for optimal grow recipes. This results in less electricity usage and faster plant growth. 


Want to learn more about our technology? Visit the Nutraponics website

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"By combining new-age technologies with traditional farming methods, we can now feed the north in a sustainable way"

Sonny Gray, CEO

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Sonny Gray


Leader, Business Strategist & Developer, Entrepreneur; Sonny has a keen eye for identifying overlooked opportunities that exist in the North, and turning them into successful business ventures. Originally raised on a farm in QC, Sonny has set his sights on building local agriculture infrastructure.


Joel Gaetz


Accounting, Taxation, Regulatory Knowledge, Analytical mind-set, Strong Problem Solving. As an entrepreneur pursuing his CPA Designation, Joel has a firm understanding of corporate accounting and taxation. Joel brings ten years’ experience of managing the operations, finances, and reporting requirements of a variety of businesses and firms.


Matt Douglas


Marketing, Branding, Campaign Conception and Execution, Retail Conceptualization, and Social Media. Matt's diverse and award winning experience with Tier 1 brands across Canada brings a wide skill set to the NSA team. After 15 years working out of Toronto, he recently moved to Whitehorse to join NSA.